Types of Laser Printers – Know Everything

Printers are a staple for homes and businesses these days because of the increasing need to print and scan documents. Although we are in a digital age and things are going digital and paperless, office printers and hard copies are still very necessary for the success of any business.

Copies of a document or graphic image from a computer or smartphone can be printed onto paper or any other compatible medium using a printer, improving workflow and productivity.

Printers are of different types based on their design and functions, but inkjet printers and laser printers are more dominant in homes and businesses, and companies.

Thermal printers and dot matrix printers are also other types of printers, but they are not as common or widely used as inkjet and laser printers.

In this article, we’ll focus on laser printers and the types of laser printers available for you to choose from. But first, we’ll like to familiarize you with laser printers. What are laser printers? How do they work?

LASER: Light Amplification Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser printers are printers designed to use toner powder instead of ink to print on paper.

The toner powder is fused onto the page instead of sprayed as is the mechanism for inkjet printers.

A major component of a laser printer is a selenium-coated drum that plays a major role in the printing process.

What Is A Laser Printer
Laser Printer

Laser printers are great for printing simple text in black and white as well as vibrant graphics in color. They vary in size as some are designed for personal use while some are designed for more heavy-duty use.

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How A Laser Printer Works   

Laser printers work pretty much the same way a photocopier machine works. Laser printers work by receiving data from your computer or smartphone.

The data is then transferred onto a drum in the printer. In clearer terms, the laser printer draws the image that is to be printed on the drum.

How A Laser Printer Works

The drum is then coated with a toner, a fine black powder used in laser printers instead of ink. The toner only attaches to spots on the drum where the image has been drawn, there is an electrical process that happens here that we won’t get into.

Paper is passed through the printer and the toner is fused onto the paper to form a high-quality print.

Now that we’re familiar with the working principles of a laser printer and know exactly what it is, let’s delve into the different types of laser printers available on the market.

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Personal Laser Printers

Personal laser printers, as the name implies, are designed for personal use. They are designed for the entrepreneur or solopreneur’s space.

They fit easily on a desk as they do not take up too much space. They are great for personal printing needs.

Because they are designed for use by one person and in a personal space they are usually small in size compared to other types of laser printers.

Their size is due to the fact that they don’t need to pack a lot of functionality or fancy functions aside from printing.

Personal Laser Printers
Personal Laser Printer

They mostly don’t have copying, scanning, faxing capabilities. Personal laser printers employ both the simplex and duplex mechanisms.

This means there are personal laser printers that can print on only one side of the paper while there are those that can print on both sides of the paper.

It all depends on your preference and your needs. As they are designed for personal use, they are not built for speed. A personal laser printer can only print 4 pages per minute.

They are also designed to hold small amounts of paper; most personal laser printers can only hold 100 sheets.

This shouldn’t be a limitation for personal printing needs, the paper can always be refilled. A big plus for personal laser printers is how inexpensive they are.

This is understandable because they are small in size and only have basic functionality to fulfil personal printing needs.

Personal laser printers are designed to be used with personal computers or one computer system, a few at the most.

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Office Laser Printer

Office laser printers can be considered the opposite of personal laser computers as they are designed for office use.

They are designed for companies and workgroups and have a higher printing capacity. Office laser printers can print out documents at a speed of 8 to 12 pages per minute.

A speed is higher than that of personal laser printers.

Office Laser Printers
Office Laser Printer

They also have a larger holding capacity when it comes to paper. Office laser printers can hold up to 250 pages of paper, reducing the frequency at which they need to be refilled.

All these features and capacity mean office laser printers are large, especially when compared to personal laser printers. But despite their size, most office laser printers can still fit beside a computer on a desk.

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They are mostly simplex but manufacturers are starting to make duplex office laser printers so might find one out there. Office laser printers can be connected to more than one computer system at the same time.

An office laser printer can be shared effortlessly within a workgroup and it will sufficiently serve their printing needs. There are larger office printers specifically designed for large offices and big corporations.

These types of printers are usually standing because of their large capacity. They are great for offices and workspaces where hundreds or thousands of papers are printed daily.

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Multifunction Laser Printer

Multifunction laser printers are known as all-in-one printers for obvious reasons; they do more than print documents.

They help large businesses save money and space, and they improve workflow. Multifunction laser printers are a staple in medium to large businesses because they need their printers to do more than print.

They need their printers to scan, copy, fax, and also distribute documents.

Multifunction Laser Printer
Multifunction Laser Printer

Most multifunction laser printers have security features to protect corporate information and data.

They are equipped with security software that guards against hackers who might want to infiltrate an organization or business using the printer as an access point.

They also have cloud connectivity to make document distribution and storing easy. They can effortlessly connect to major cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote.

This is great for businesses that need to transfer documents frequently or that are trying to go from analog to full digital and convert their paper documents to digital files.

To take connectivity one step further, some specialized all-in-one laser printers have apps that act as an interface between users and the advanced features and controls of the printer.

Wireless printing makes it possible for multifunction laser printers to receive printing instructions from laptops, phones, and computers within an organization or large office, or business.

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Production Laser Printers

Production laser printers (also known as industrial laser printers) are synonymous with high speed and high volume.

They are laser printers designed with the needs of big organizations and big businesses in mind. They print at a speed of 50 – 135 papers per minute, a huge amount compared to personal laser

Production Laser Printers
Production Laser Printers

printers and office laser printers. Designed to hold large amounts of sheets, they hold up to 2500 sheets at a time for high volume and high-speed printing.

Production laser printers are usually standing printers and need specialized operators for their smooth operation. It can be classified as an industrial printer because of the scale of its printing output.

Bank and credit card statements, electricity bills, gas bills are the domain of production laser printers. Booklets, pamphlets, posters with binding, and other various forms of media types can be printed effortlessly with production laser printers.

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A distinguishing characteristic of production laser printers is how expensive they are. And it’s understandable with the level of speed and volume they operate at.

Most industrial laser printers cost anywhere between $25,000 and $150,000. This price tag means they can only be found where high volume printing is done at high speed, places like publishing houses and printing presses.

Because of their high-level color, media, and graphic capabilities, high-end companies that want to carry out high-quality printing of marketing materials like brochures, posters, booklets, training manuals, business cards, etc. also invest in production laser printers so they can do their marketing printing in-house to save money and cost.

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Compact Laser Printer

Laser printers used to be exclusive to large companies and businesses, but not anymore. these days, businesses of all sizes, from the ones operating from garages to living rooms, now need and use printers almost daily.

To meet this need without breaking the bank, compact and wireless laser printers were introduced for small businesses and busy executives who need printers in their workspace. They are more like personal printers but taken a notch higher.

Compact Laser Printer
Compact Laser Printer

As the name implies, they are small and require only a little space, but they can be referred to as small and mighty.

They are great for cubicles and small offices. Most compact laser printers have wireless capability and other smart features, making it easy to print from computers and smartphones without using clunky cables and connections.

All you have to do is perch the printer on your table, connect it wirelessly to your phone or laptop and you’re good to go.

You’ll get the high-quality color or monochrome printing, based on your preference and needs. As laser printers use toner, compact laser printers help eliminate the expensive cost of ink.

Compact laser printers don’t only save space, they also save money and reduce the overall cost that’ll go into printing high-quality documents in a small office or business.

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Monochrome Laser Printer

Monochrome printers are printers that only print using black ink, they have no color capabilities. Monochrome printers are great for printing memos, company letters, invoices, and everything else where basic black and white printing will suffice.

They work great for situations where large volumes of printing are done, printing that doesn’t necessarily have to be in color.

They are great for businesses and individuals who don’t need to print documents in color.

Monochrome printers are considered to be more efficient than their color counterparts. Because they don’t print color, they cost less and they print more pages per minute.

Monochrome Laser Printer
Monochrome Laser Printer

In most professional settings color isn’t a priority. It is more important to have a machine that prints high-quality text at a fast speed than one that prints fancy colors.

While monochrome printers may not be as versatile as color printers, they are more cost-effective as they keep operation costs low.

Fast print speed, high-quality printing, efficient and flexible paper handling all make the monochrome laser printer a great choice for printing large volumes of text that don’t have to be in color.

Monochrome laser printers offer a lot of benefits when it comes to overall functionality. They get straight down to business and print black and white pages fast and efficiently.

Color Laser Printer

Color laser printers are printers that can print in color. They are designed and equipped to print graphical elements like pictures, photographs, and colored documents.

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Laser printers were initially designed to be monochrome, but now there are laser printers that print efficiently in color.

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Unlike monochrome laser printers that can only print black and white, color printers produce vibrant pictures and graphics on paper.

Color laser printers usually feature in places where there’s a need to print documents in color.

Color Laser Printer
Color Laser Printer

They are overkill if all you need is printing simple text documents without color as they are considerably more expensive than their monochrome counterparts for obvious reasons.

There’s a tendency to want to go for color laser printers when shopping for printers for the first time, but it’s best to think about what the printer will be for, the purpose it will serve, before deciding to get a color printer.

Color laser printers usually have four colors: black, yellow, cyan, and magenta.

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